Technologies & Services

AGS is an industrial Technology Innovation group with focus on engineering applications involving intensive mathematical analysis, specializing in:

  • Research & Development
  • Managing innovation processes
  • Estimating the efforts & resources required to achieve R&D goals
  • Strategy consulting vis-à-vis Board level of industrial corporations, critical infrastructures, hi-tech and start-up companies, military and civilian security and emergency agencies.
  • Software development in several fields
  • Risk assessment & risk management of critical infrastructures against physical and cyber attacks
  • Decision support systems
  • Development of computational models, algorithm engineering, Data Processing, Data mining, artificial intelligence, Pattern recognition.
  • Development and make use of ICT technology to ensure the energy supply and demand remain in constant balance


AGS is the only security provider that offers equivocation based cipher systems, while the mainstay in the market is intractability-based ciphers. Intractability erodes with time, as hackers become smarter and use faster computers; equivocation is durable.

The AGS security solution is based on the Intractability Turing Machine, which offers objective measures for penetration effort faced by a hacker focused on violating your data integrity.

AGS is using a neural network inference mechanism BiPSA™ to integrate diverse security opinions, as well as integrate elemental suspicion indices into global suspicion metric to help spot intruders, violators and fraudsters by inferring from subtle deviant behavior.

AGS is dealing with –

  • Meeting a pending security threat
  • Handling a security event in progress
  • The aftermath of a security breach

Reducing Cognitive Bias For Intelligence & Law Enforcement Analysis

AGS proposes a robust scientific project that would produce hard data on cognitive bias in intelligence analysis, law enforcement, and crisis management. Once this hard data is at hand, we will have an invaluable tool to counter it, and strive to eliminate its negative impact. By so doing we shall help produce optimal intelligence analysis and improved operational decisions.


The solutions we provide are based on powerful tools and methods for which patents have been granted and pending.

Daniel is a Rich Encryption Novelty Breakthrough:

US Patent 6,823,068

  • Calibrated security, adjustable to One-Time Pad mathematical invulnerability
  • Operable at any desired (secret) key size
  • Order of magnitude faster than mainstay cipher systems today
  • Subliminal Encryption (multi-layer).

Second Security

Cryptographic Variety defends against Cryptographic Catastrophe

Security strategy

for recession-Racked Businesses

Spotting a terrorist attack in the Making:

AGS offers a neural network, designed to process a large number of input parameters, and issue a summary opinion without delay.


A family of robust and user-friendly tools to protect against Identity theft and identity fraud.

Smarter Energy & Water

Promoting and enabling the incorporation of innovative clean energy technologies into the grid.

Providing integrated advisory services for the study, design, commissioning and operation of energy and water facilities, pro and post completion of the projects.

Advisory services in all phases of the clean energy projects, and especially Solar CSP, CPV and PV projects, from economical & feasibility analysis, support and techno-economical performance offered to financing institutes as well as strategic advisory services and decision support and analysis offered to technology companies - start-ups and matured companies - over the entire life of the project.

Investment decision support: Search for competitive advantages and risk analysis for Investors, as well as anticipating the market requirements.

Technical support in project finance; Minimizing funding risks. Providing an independent overview.

Critical infrastructures & Smart Grid

AGS is engaged in preventing cyber attacks against critical infrastructures and smart grids that are based on remote terminal units, intelligent electronic devices, and programmable logic controller, as well as enforcing privacy measures.

Decision Support – Handling Uncertainty Better

BiPSA™ is a new, patent pending inference engine unique in its "purity" of process from data to conclusion. Utilized to handle uncertainty through a neural network constructed from a multitude of conclusion resources. Used by Defense forces to fight terrorism, applied by Government to resolve economic uncertainties, implemented by Industries to estimate the cost of innovation-intensive projects.

BiPSA™ applications divide to two broad categories:

Humanity Resolved Uncertainty:

  • Crisis Management
  • Economic decision support
  • Forecasting – technological and economical

Machine Resolved Uncertainty:
replacing the prevailing approaches by establishing a credible path from multi variate input to a binary decision. Machine based inference versions of BiPSA may be incorporated in any of the various situations where a decision or a conclusion is based on data from a large number of input factors, but the process from data-to-conclusion is algorithmically fuzzy. Such are medial inference of CAT scans, radiological and sonographic readouts, picture-based facial recognition, military target identification, hand writing interpretation, voice recognition etc.. BiPSA could be a substitute for what you are using now or as an add-on capability.

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